Please read this information as the travel program is more competitive than the younger divisions and requires a greater level of commitment from everyone - players, parents and coaches. Parents will be required to help out with the scoreboard and score book for games during the travel season. In order for our team/organization to reach full potential, the entire team/organization must be well coordinated and moving in the same direction.

The township enters four teams into the Jersey Basketball League (JBL).
The team levels are listed below, please note we do not allow players to “play up” from their grade level:

Varsity Team                        8th graders

Junior Varsity Team             7th graders

Pee Wee Team                      6th graders

Super Pee Wee Team           5th graders


When travel tryouts are scheduled, an email blast will be sent to all in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades for those interested.  The tryouts are observed by a group of coaches and administrators from the Rockaway Township Basketball Association and/or invited guest coaches who are not familiar with the players trying out.  Most, if not all, of the observers have played high school and/or college basketball and are familiar with the level of elementary/middle school basketball play.  They will rate the players and advise the travel director & coach of the travel teams of their ratings.  The travel director and coaches of each travel team will take these ratings under advisement when picking the team.  Typically a team is made up of no more than 10 players.

**PLEASE NOTE: All players trying out for the Travel Division must be registered in the program.  Registration is done via our website:



Due to the high level of competition in the league, regular practices are required to prepare the teams. Generally, each travel team will practice 3 times per week (2 weeknights and Saturday). In addition, scrimmages versus other towns may be scheduled by the coach. Travel teams generally play 2 games per week with the season beginning in December, the League playoff and finals occur in mid-March.  Games during the week begin either at 6:30 P.M. or 7:45 P.M, typically the earlier game  time is reserved for the younger teams.  Saturday games are played based on gym availability.  All practices and home games are played at Copeland Middle School.


Parents are responsible for transportation to and from all games as well as practices, scrimmages and tournaments.  For games, players are typically required to report to the game site 30 minutes prior to game-time.


Every effort should be made to attend all practices, and be on time. Travel basketball should be the primary sport in the winter for the player. All players have an obligation to finish their fall sports commitment however once the fall sport commitment has ended, the player should not be missing practice and game time for another winter sports team. The practice and game schedule changes from week to week and there will likely be last minute changes especially due to weather. If a player must miss a practice or game, the parent must contact the coach.


There will be an additional fee assessed to each player who plays in the travel program to help defray the costs related to the travel teams. The program provides uniforms for the travel teams;  players will be required to purchase shooting shirts to be worn during game warm-ups.

Playing Time

The league has specific rules for each grade level regarding playing time as well as substitution of players which all coaches within the entire league are required to follow.  For more information about the JBL rules you can visit their website:

24hr Rule

24hr Rule: Any comments or observations that a parent may have can be discussed with the coaching staff, after a 24-hour time period


Good sportsmanship & professional behavior is expected at all times, & in all circumstances by both the player and the parent, including relatives and friends. There should be no negative feedback with referees or coaches, regarding a call or a play. We will not tolerate players that show disrespectful behavior on the court or on the bench.

Negative and/or disruptive actions by parents are cause for disciplinary actions against the parents. If the parents refuse to abide to the disciplinary action then the child's involvement with the team will be in jeopardy.