In the event of inclement weather:

Call the Recreation Hotline (973) 983 - 2853 (option 5 for Boys Basketball updates)


*REQUIRED* in 2014/2015

Rockaway Recreation
Boys Basketball Uniform
  • Each Player will receive a Team Shirt in December
  • Each Player is REQUIRED to wear black shorts in all games (they are not required for practices).  

    Players not wearing black shorts will not 
    be allowed to play in the game.

Key Points for School Gym Use:
  • Children are not allowed to play or run in the halls 
  • Siblings should not be allowed to wander the halls and should not be unattended at any time 
  • Children should not sit directly under/behind the baskets as some of the gyms are small and they could be injured 
  • No one should touch any artwork or signs on the walls 
  • No one should bounce balls in the hallways or against the walls 
  • All players and visitors should remove all garbage from the gyms when they are leaving.  It is not the custodians job to clean up water bottles and coffee cups

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